XIII. International Conference on the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms

Paper Submission

The conference proceedings will be published in the proceedings book as a volume of the Springer series on Mechanism and Machine Science (edited by M. Ceccarelli).

The paper length, formatted according to the guidelines, must have at least 6 pages and must not exceed 10 pages. The recommended paper length is 8 pages, including tables, figures and references. This Word template or LaTeX template provide an example for a Springer chapter with the minimal requirements of style and instructions for Sections, Equations, Figures, Tables and References.

Please send your contribution in PDF format at your earliest convenience but no later than (April 30) May 28, 2021 through the Springer's Online Conference System.

Each submitted paper will receive peer reviewing. Papers will be selected based on their originality, timeliness, significance, relevance and clarity of presentation. The selection will be based on full papers. All authors are expected to adhere to the Book Authors‘ Code of Conduct.

After its review and approval, we will need the Word source of your contribution plus all included images in separate files. See detailed instructions bellow.

Submission implies the willingness of at least one of the authors to register and present the paper, if accepted. All papers accepted to the conference are expected to be presented.

Final Paper Upload

After recieving paper acceptance, please upload the final version of your paper through the Springer's Online Conference System. To do so follow this icon:

You should upload:

  1. Final version of paper document in PDF format
  2. Source archive in ZIP format. This file includes:
    • Separate file in the original source file format (Word or LateX). Name this file the author name and the first word of the paper (e.g., Myers-Modeling.doc).
    • Separate file in the PDF format. Give this file the author name and the first word of the paper (e.g., Myers-Modeling.pdf).
    • Save the original figure files separately, and name them with the author's surname and figure number (e.g., Myers-Fig1).
  3. Copyright form

The authors have to sign Springer's form with a warranty that the work has not heretofore been published in whole or in part and does not infringe on any copyright, trademark, patent, statutory rights or proprietary rights of others.



May 28, 2021 (April 30) Extended abstract submission and full lenght draft paper upload
June 6, 2021 Notification of reviewer’s requirements to authors
June 15, 2021 Full length final paper submission
July 15, 2021 Payment at a discounted price