XIV. International Conference on the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms

Travelling and Accommodation

The conference is located in building G at TU Liberec campus. See the map.
For information about travelling and accommodation see the departmental webpage.

History of Liberec

Its history goes back to the time when trade routes to Germany and Poland led through the location. As traders found crossing Ještědsky hřeben too hard, it was necessary to set up a resting place. At that time Liberec used to be an open market village. The first notes on a town date back to 1352. In the first half of the 16th century, it gradually changed into a vassal town. Liberec used to be the second biggest town in Bohemia. There were 3 consulates, 50 textile factories and 60 metalworking factories.


Nowadays, Liberec offers various tourist attractions. The city boasts numerous important buildings, such as the City Hall, F. X. Šalda Theatre, Museum of Northern Bohemia, Ještěd Viewing Tower, Babylon Leisure Centre and other cultural and historical sights. Liberec is also an ideal place for walks or hiking tours in its environs or in the Jizerske hory. Liberec is less than 1 hour from Prague.